Japanese scientists design glowing masks to detect coronavirus

A team of scientists at a university in western Japan, Kyoto Prefectural University, have announced developing masks that glow when they detect traces of coronavirus, using antibodies derived from the ostrich eggs.

Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, President at Kyoto Prefectural University stated that the glow masks will provide an easy way to detect whether a person has contracted coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the university still awaits a green signal from the government for the sales of the mask amidst the ongoing testing to check its use in practical situations.

Reportedly, Ostriches produce various forms of proteins and antibodies which defuse the external entities entering the body. The team at the Kyoto university performed an experiment in which they injected female ostriches with a mild inactive coronavirus and efficaciously extracted antibodies from the eggs they laid in abundance.

Furthermore, a special filter has been developed from these antibodies and is used inside the face mask, which can be removed from the mask to check the presence of virus by spraying antibody infused fluorescent dye derived from the ostrich eggs. The presence of the virus will be indicated with the glow from the filter when shone under an ultraviolet light.

As per credible sources, the team carried out tests on 32 people infected with the virus for 10 days. Apparently, the study revealed that the mask of all patients with the virus glowed when exposed to UV light and with time, the glow faded as the load of the virus decreased.

Additionally, the team at the university aim to expand their research and test almost 150 people in the coming days. Meanwhile, Tsukamoto reported testing positive for the virus after wearing one of the experiment masks which glowed upon testing.

Tsukamoto claimed that antibodies in bulk can be derived from ostriches at a very economical price and he aims to convert his experiment into a Covid-19 test kit soon.

Source credits:- https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/12/8a768ba9e395-scientists-develop-glowing-masks-to-detect-coronavirus.html