Johnston Carmichael to back new platform helping brewers with funding

A new investment platform, BrewFunder, has been reportedly launched to match brewers looking for capital with potential investors, backed by Scottish accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael. The platform was founded by entrepreneur Toby Chantrell, who is behind BrewBroker, a brewery procurement platform, and UK’s largest craft beer festival, Brew//LDN.

Accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael would be conducting an extensive examination of each possible investee to verify whether they are ready and able to invest to maximize the platform's success for both investors and brewers.

It is to be noted that the pandemic posed several challenges for the brewery sector, as it has for most of the food and drink and hospitality businesses. However, with the hospitality industry reviving from the crisis, brewers are growing optimistic that they can expand their client base as thirsty customers return to pubs and beer gardens.

Commenting on the development, Chantrell stated they frequently work with different kinds of breweries and are witnessing more exciting businesses that are ready to grow. Their experience has demonstrated that the craft beer business still has a long way to go and that there is a steady demand from customers looking for something different than the mainstream brews, he added.

Chantrell also mentioned customers value quality over quantity, and the majority of them are happy to pay more for craft beer than for traditional mass-procured products.

Adam Hardie, head of food and drink at Johnston Carmichael, expressed that as they continue to emerge from lockdown, breweries are ready to expand but are unable to do so due to the lack of investment. Working with the BrewFunder team, they aim to help investors find the right project for them, he added.

On July 29, JC's food and drink expert and drink industry expert Mark Crowther will conduct a Brew//LDN ‘meet the brewery’ investment event, cited sources close to the matter.

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