Kubermatic raises €5.28M to assist IT teams run Kubernetes on autopilot

Kubermatic, a Germany-based firm which automates functioning of Kubernetes clusters throughout multi-cloud and edge environments, has recently announced securing funding of nearly 5.28 million euros in the seeding round.

As per speculations, the financing round witnessed participation from investors like Nauta Capital, Bastian Nominacher the Co-Founder of Celonis and angel investor Martin Klenk.

It has been claimed that profits from this round will aid the company to expand open-source adoption, hasten product invention, and expand its world-wide customer base.

According to sources, Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for atomizing system application positioning, management and scaling. Initially carved by Google, it is presently maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

As per CNCF, deployment of containers in production has rapidly risen by 300 per cent between 2016-2020. Moreover, 91 per cent of firms using containers adopt the use of Kubernetes for balance.

In accordance with this, the industry professionals predict that 75 per cent of the firms will use containerized applications in production, expanding the operation of Kubermatic.

Sebastian Scheele, Co-Founder of Kubermatic stated that the company’s vision is to attain supremacy from automation.

Scheele further added that the firm has designed world’s best autonomous software delivery platform to help IT members spend their time on writing pioneering applications like Google and Amazon.

Martin Klenk, an angel investor in Kubermatic cited that Kubernetes and Containers are important to achieve speed, flexibility and resilience the firms demand for accessible business model like Celonis.

Klenk also mentioned that container technology and Kubernetes have become the benchmark for reforming IT infrastructures.

Kubermatic, started in 2016 by Sebastian Scheele and Julian Hansert, delivers professional services and enterprise-grade software solutions to assist firms in completely automating their cloud native processes across edge, multi-cloud and their Kubernetes.

Source:- https://siliconcanals.com/crowdfunding/kubermatic-secures-5-28m/