Kyndryl partners with Google Cloud for digital transformation services

Kyndryl has recently announced partnering with Google Cloud for the development of new digital transformation services. Reports suggest that the service provider Kyndryl, will lay specific emphasis on machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud stated that the merger of the world’s biggest IT infrastructure Kyndryl with Google Cloud’s global structure coupled with its leading technology and ML, AI, analytics will propel the growth of the global enterprises.

As per credible sources, Kyndryl in its partnership with Google Cloud has plans to develop new edge data-based applications, manage the SAP services and assist their biggest financial customers speed up their cloud migrations.

Furthermore, in lieu of providing more support, Kyndryl is helping Google in launching Google Cloud Academy for the former, which focuses on getting almost 80,000 technical employees to accelerate on the cloud-provider’s services.

Harish Grama, Global Practice Leader at Kyndryl commented that Google Cloud is attracting big enterprises like retailers, banks, and healthcare providers who gather vast amount of data from their call centers and search for ways to understand it better.

He added that Google Cloud gives itself to mine the given data for intelligence.

About Kyndryl

Kyndryl aims to build, design, modernize and manage the mission-based technology systems that the world relies on daily basis. An independent, focused organization, Kyndryl focuses on building its foundation on excellence by developing systems in new ways. Its global base of customers include 75 of the Fortune 100 companies who partner with Kyndryl for value creation, speed, expertise and agility.

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud by Google is a cloud computing service which provides plethora of modular cloud services like data storage, data analytics, machine learning ad others. It provides platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and serverless computing environments.

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