Lexus to launch electric concept cars based on features of the LFA

Toyota’s Lexus to launch Electric Vehicles with a similar concept of LFA by using solid state batteries in its vehicles

Lexus is reportedly working on cars similar to the LFA and is planning to bring it on roads by 2030. Speculations have it that the model is explained as a battery run EV sports car which is based on the driving style of the performance cultured through the development of LFA.

As per credible reports, Lexus is focusing on achieving a 0-100kph time within the range of two seconds and a range of 690 km. The supercar notion has been held in reserve as a possible early receiver of the solid-state batteries.

Moreover, the parent conglomerate-Toyota-has just highlighted its plans of installing the solid-state batteries in the manufacturing of the EVs in the coming years.

According to sources, prior to installing solid state batteries in the EVs, the firm will deploy them in the hybrid vehicles first. Apparently, this will enable the firm to evaluate and test the technology before using it for electric equivalents.

It has been claimed that the concept has very less resemblance to any of the car models of Lexus presently on sale. The vehicle features an elongated bonnet giving it a different cab-rear shape with simple tyres, an eminent aero package, wide air intakes and a red tow strap on the front which provides a hint of its proposed trail use billing.

It has been further speculated that Lexus will launch the RZ crossover, its first bespoke EV, in the upcoming months before mid-2022. The SUV was displayed along with the supercar in the almost production ready state.

For the uninitiated, Lexus is forecasting to offer an EV in all segments by the end of 2030, implying that it will be trading only in electric cars across North America, Europe, and China. Furthermore, it will end ICE car sales in 2035, altogether.

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