LG Chem to conduct massive employment drive for battery materials biz

Seoul-based largest chemical company, LG Chem has reportedly announced conducting a major hiring process for its battery materials business in line with its plans of promoting the business according to the EV battery market’s current expansion.

It has been speculated that the company would actively internalize key battery materials and expand further the battery materials biz. Moreover, LG Chem had declared conducting a hiring process of hundreds of freshers as well as experienced employees for its advanced materials division in an attempt to increase its manpower in the battery materials vertical.

As per credible reports, this novel move comes out to be one of the biggest hiring processes for the division ever since it was established back in 2019.

Reports suggest that the company plans to hire people for every business line including battery materials like separator film and cathode material, engineering materials such as post-consumer recycled polycarbonate, RO filter, and materials like OLED for IT devices.

Apart from conducting the employment drive, LG Chem is also planning on building its additional production lines at its plant in Cheongju, which will increase the annual production capacity of cathode materials by 30,000 tons.

Besides, it is also planning to break grounds for a 60,000-ton production plant in Gumi by 2021 end. Meanwhile, it is also seeking to ultimately accentuating the capacity to 260,000 tons by 2026.

Speaking on the latest move, Nam Cheol, Head of the advanced materials division at LG Chem, cited that the firm plans to promote growth engines in battery materials and others by employing talented individuals who have the ability to lead the organization’s advanced materials biz to success.

Apparently, this initiative is also likely to raise the business’s competitive edge one step higher in the global markets.

For the record, the company has set its application deadline to May 11, 2021 to carry out interview thereafter. Successful candidates would begin working at the company from July and be positioned in different groups after the induction procedure.

Source Credit: https://english.etnews.com/20210503200002