Luya Foods states closure of seed round for meat made from upcycled okara

Luya Foods has announced completion of its first seed round led by Redalpine Ventures Partners. The Swiss BFH spin-off has reportedly reinvented its plant-based protein segment by introducing a new range of animal-free supplies made by fermenting the upcycled okara.  

According to credible sources, the plant-based meat alternative brand recycles okara, a by-product of soy milk and tofu, out of which 14 million tons goes waste despite of its high nutritional values.

In its self-developed trademarked process, Luya is expected to merge orthodox fermentation methods and the existing technology to reuse okara and use it as a source of food.

This process would enable Luya to eliminate highly processed protein isolates and additives, helping it deliver 100% organic and natural food products made in Switzerland.

Luya has been under constant support of Gebert Ruf Foundation, BFH-HAFL and VentureKick. The new capital secured from the seeding round will be used by the brand to expand its production, enter the retail business and develop its products.

As per reports, Luya has publicized its plans to launch its products in the Swiss market by 2022, following the success of Okara Chunks and Okara Burgers. Luya will also expand its production for the first time to cater to the growing demand for the delicious products by 2022.

Additionally, the new funding will help in research and development for future products and help in strengthening Luya’s fermentation method.

Flavio Hagenbuch, Co-Founder of Luya Foods, stated that the company is thrilled to have successfully made required capital to launch in the Swiss retail market and progress towards international expansion.

He added that Luya looks forward to accelerating its growth and establishing its roots in the meat alternatives category with the natural and organic products. 

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