Mahindra, Google Cloud partner for digital transformation & growth

Mahindra Group has announced collaborating with the leading technology conglomerate Google Cloud as part of the homegrown giant’s digital transformation strategy to support its business growth in the next phase.

As per reports, the Mahindra Group and Google Cloud mentioned that the partnership will allow Mahindra Digital Engine (MDE), which is Mahindra group’s digital data and cloud hub of excellence, make use of reliable and secure infrastructure along with top quality data analytics technology of Google Cloud.  

Mohit Kapoor, Group Chief Technology Officer at Mahindra Group, stated that the organization is developing futuristic generation cloud centric technologies and data-led policies to accelerate decision making and hasten synergies throughout its business.

Mohit commented that with the help of Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art data and infrastructure capabilities, Mahindra Group can speed up its innovation for competitive differentiation, strengthen the talent hub by attracting the top talented people across the industry, and advance the sustainability goals of the enterprise.

Bikram Bedi, Managing Director at Google Cloud India mentioned that as Mahindra Group’s reliable innovation partner, their team is leveraging the expertise to assist the latter to bring their consumer ecosystem and enterprise close together.

Bedi added that Google Cloud’s multi-faceted and long partnership with Mahindra is a good example of the value they will introduce to their customer along with their unique ability to assist them speed up their digital transformation strategies, unlock long period competitive advance, and develop sustainable business impact.

According to sources, the collaboration will also aim at developing innovation throughout the group’s numerous business units along with its customer-facing channel, core operations, and employee experience.

For the uninitiated, the partnership will allow Mahindra group to shift its business-critical applications from its on-premises data centers to Google cloud under the RISE with the SAP initiative.

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