MAHLE’s revolutionary magnet-free electric motor to gain ground soon

MAHLE, Germany’s leading automotive parts manufacturer, has recently made it to the front page following its groundbreaking development of a new kind of magnet-free electric motor.

One of the main advantages associated with this novel development is that it not only makes the production more environmentally compatible, but also generate returns in terms of resource security and costs.

Official reports suggest that the central feature of the new motor is the inductive which enables contactless power transmission, allowing the motor to operate wear-free and effectively at higher speeds.

In fact, the efficiency has been claimed to be above 95% at almost all operating points- a level which has only been achieved by Formula E racing cars till date.

According to the credible sources, the new electric motor is also characterized by increased resilience, as the necessary transmission of electrical currents between stationary and rotary parts inside the motor takes place without contact, ensuring wear-free movement.

Commenting on the ongoing revolutionary development, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CFO, Michael Frick cited that with its new electric motor, the company is living up to its responsibility as a sustainability operating company.

Michael further addressed that the use of rare earth elements for realizing the new electric motor, offers great potential not only from the geopolitical aspect, but also with regard to the responsible use of resources and nature.

Meanwhile, Dr. Martin Berger, VP Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE, stated that the firm’s magnet-free motor can certainly be described as a revolutionary and groundbreaking development as it offers several advantages that have not yet been combined in a product of such types.

For the uninitiated, MAHLE, through this novel design and creation is helping to robustly create the necessary technical conditions in an attempt to developing e-mobility in a sustainable manner globally.

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