Mayo Clinic, Kaiser to scale up home-based connected health program

Two prominent health systems, Kaiser Permanente and Mayo Clinic are partnering to invest $100 million in expanding a connected health program that makes use of mHealth, telehealth and home health services to manage care for acute care patients at home.

The investment is likely to happen in Medically Home, one of Boston’s leading company working closely with UNC Health, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, and Adventist Health o acute care of at home patients.

Reports suggest that this novel move would eventually help the companies scale up the connected health platform in their respective regions.

It has been reported that Mayo Clinic had already launched its version of the program at its sites in Eau Claire, WI, and Florida during the summer of 2020. Whereas, Kaiser Permanente also unveiled its program in northern California and Oregon last year.

For the record, the basic model for the program uses a 24x7 command center at the health system to coordinate well with patients at home, integrated through the EHR. Besides delivering RPM services on on-demand emergency care, the platform has also been built to support specialty services, lab and imaging, medication management, and rehab care.

Commenting on the latest move, Gianrico Farrugia, President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, cited that the company’s alliance with Kaiser and Medically Home would create the next-generation of patient-centric and compassionate health care that effortlessly integrates advanced technology with clinical proficiency.

Gianrico added that by introducing best-in-class services and clinicians to patients in their own comfort zones, Mayo Clinic would be able to offer more people with individualized care that is customized to meet their exclusive requirements.

Meanwhile, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospital’s Chairperson and CEO, Greg Adam quoted that the partnership stands out to be a significant step in its commitment to delivering the right care in the right setting for every patient as the firm continues to help lead the transformation of healthcare.

Adam further mentioned that this pivotal expansion of Medically Home’s resources would potentially help them cater to a crucial need for going forward in the ongoing heath crisis situation.

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