MeitY proposes use of blockchain technology in government systems

The Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has reportedly announced adopting the use of blockchain technology in a national strategy, especially for the e-governance services and systems.

According to the reliable reports, the new strategy aims to create trustworthy online platforms via shared blockchain infrastructure coupled with encouraging innovation, research and development and application development with the technology.

Apparently, blockchain is the fundamental technology for cryptocurrencies mainly being used for the development of applications for third generation of the Internet.

Reportedly, The National Strategy on Blockchain offers insights of the new strategies by government and provides recommendations for creating online platform.

For the uninitiated, the government has discovered almost 44 different areas where the blockchain technology can be used, some of them being pharmaceutical supply chain, land and property management, e-notary services, managing digital certificates, electronic health record management and others.

Additionally, the government is also considering blockchain-based platforms operated by government in Brazil, China, UAE, Europe, along with highlighting government-led initiates on blockchain.

As per credible sources, the other aspects of blockchain can be measures in the suggested public digital platforms in distinguished sectors like health, agriculture and energy to cater to improved security requirements.

It has been speculated that the new strategy suggests that geographically dispersed nationally shared infrastructure is required to allow citizen services at big scale and enable cross realm application development.

The ministry has also suggested the formation of a National Blockchain Framework which can be used in areas like education, healthcare, agriculture and finance.

Ashish Singhal, Founder and CEO of Coinswitch Kuber, a crypto exchange platform stated that the National Strategy on Blockchain offers an all-inclusive framework for development of a blockchain structure for the nation. He added that the industry is keen to partner with the government.