Microsoft is bringing new AI-inspired art generator to Bing & Edge

Microsoft Corporation has reportedly begun releasing Image Creator for Microsoft Bing as a preview in a few areas in order to get the AI art generator ready for a wider release to Microsoft Edge later this month.

The American technology firm stated that AI art will be added to both Bing and Edge by using the more sophisticated DALL-E 2 algorithm. Moreover, it seems that Image Creator will be available on and that an Edge-related version will follow soon after.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft, in a blog post and linked video, demonstrated Image Creator, which is capable of carving out a tiny vertical column to display search results and other information, some useful utilities within the Edge sidebar, as well as outlined in greater detail what constraints it will place on prompts generated by users.

According to Microsoft, the AI art generation tools would function similarly to other Azure cloud services like Midjourney or DreamStudio. Image Creator often performs better when you enter a description of anything with extra contexts like location or the art style you'd like to replicate, rather than a more limited description.

Microsoft will employ the same AI-based signals that enable Microsoft Defender to block harmful websites, for example, in order to filter requests. The company stated that these blocklists and classifiers will be applied to reduce the chance of offensive prompts being used.

Interestingly, Microsoft is also using extra technology to overcome biases observed in AI image generation. Moreover, the tech giant is collaborating with its partner OpenAI, who created DALLE 2, to take the necessary actions to help prevent the delivery of inappropriate results across the Designer app and Image Creator. 

The technology behemoth stated that its content policy, which forbids images of child sexual abuse, non-consensual intimate behavior, suicide, terrorism, hate speech, and more, will apply to its image-generating processes.

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