Microsoft offered to bring Xbox-dedicated games as apps to iPhone

Microsoft, an American multinational technology corporation, had reportedly been approached to offer Xbox exclusive games to iPhone. However, the company backed off from the same citing the upgradation of Apple’s new App Store guidelines as a major reason.

Notably, these games would have been played in Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) platform, made with servers including the mainframes of Xbox One and Xbox Series X, instead of counting on the local processing power of the phone.

If the deal had been locked, the copy of a game could have been bought from Apple’s App Store and run like any other app rather than paying for a monthly subscription to Xbox Game Permit Ultimate with an immobile collection of games and using Microsoft’s App Store resolution based on a web interface.

As per Emails shared between various members of Apple’s App store teams and Lori Wright, Microsoft Xbox Business Development Chief, it was reported that Microsoft was concerned about an Xbox game service based on specific apps from the App Store.

Microsoft cited the management difficulties of developing hundreds or thousands of applications, the way they will update each of those applications for fixing any issues, and how all those app icons could create chaotic iOS home screens, among other concerns.

Microsoft believes that issues already stated can lead to frustration and confusion for customers in the future, resulting in a lesser experience on Apple devices compared to the corresponding experience on all other platforms.

Reportedly, in March 2020, Microsoft proposed developing hundreds of such individual applications for submitting to the App Store, as long as it could make that app look a little more like a shortcut, not including all the software required for playing games on the cloud in each app.

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