Microsoft Teams adds 5 new features to assist frontline workers

American tech giant- Microsoft has recently announced addition of five new features in its operations to diminish the stress faced by frontline workers. Microsoft has included features like Walkie Talkie app, Microsoft Viva, managing virtual appointments, audio notification for lost devices and Reflexis Shifts Connectors.

According to a recent report by Microsoft office’s team, it has been discovered that around 88 per cent of the frontline workers were enthusiastic for the technology-based jobs opportunities.

Reports suggest that Microsoft has collaborated with mobile device brand Zebra for the functioning of Walkie Talkie application in Teams, which will be available for the other operators like iOS and Android as well.

Apparently, the push-to-talk feature on the mobile devices will use the Microsoft Teams online Walkie Talkie system to deliver instant, clear and safe communication to the frontline workers.

As per official reports, the second feature announced by Microsoft is Managing Virtual Appoints, which will enable workers to request and manage agreements in business along Power Apps component framework (PFC) controls.

Moreover, this feature will help the frontline workers to have a complete view of virtual appointments along with immediate updates on missed appointments, wait time, staffing delays and queueing.  

Additionally, the third feature, Microsoft Viva learning application, will assist the company’s employees to be aware of the suggested and required training. The Viva learning application has reportedly collaborated with OpenSesame and EdCast which allowing workers to get hold of extensive content for their training and upskill.

According to credible sources, Microsoft Teams will deliver a notification to search for misplaced devices with the help of IT department for the ease of the frontline workers to locate missing devices.

Microsoft claims that a single tap on the Android devices will allow the frontline workers to sign out of all the compatible applications to make device ready to be used by the other worker.

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