Mubadala & BioIntelliSense partner to revolutionize patient care

BioIntelliSense, Inc., a firm that constantly monitors health and clinical intelligence, has recently announced collaborating with Mubadala Health, the unified healthcare network of Mubadala Investment Company.

This alliance will incorporate BioIntelliSense's advanced remote care technologies with Mubadala Health's constant care model for driving clinical workflow efficacies, exposing data-driven clinical insights, and offering a personalized care experience.

James Mault, MD, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of BioIntelliSense, said that this collaboration would aid Mubadala Health in launching a constant remote monitoring capability that will help providers deliver a new level of care to patients in the UAE.

Moreover, it would also offer a significant opportunity to apply the BioSticker™ and BioButton® wearable medical devices across multiple care settings, make initial detection simple, and empower care teams with tailored clinical intelligence that enables up-to-date proactive interventions.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Health, cited that this partnership is in line with Mubadala's comprehensive strategy for providing innovative care to its patients and creating proficiencies in healthcare delivery.

Hasan added that by making use of this new technology, the firm can meet the needs of patients in a better way and deliver customized care at the right time and place across the integrated network.

The BioIntelliSense's technology will help clinicians access real-time information on patients' vital signs and symptoms, enabling them to categorize changes in health sooner and mediate earlier.

Al Nowais mentioned that this collaboration would also help create a complete unified and continuous care delivery that starts during a patient's hospitalization, empowering monitoring of their health status throughout the recovery process, and from the well-being of their own home after leaving the hospital.

The espousal of BioIntelliSense's leading FDA-cleared BioSticker and medical-grade BioButton wearable devices aids Mubadala Health to seize multi-parameter patient data submissively and securely across a wide range of leading physiological indicators (resting heart rate, activity level, body position, respiratory rate, sleep, gait analysis, temperature, et al.).

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