Netflix suspends its services in Russia amidst the Ukraine invasion

Netflix, an American subscription streaming service, has reportedly deferred its services in Russia for protesting the country's invasion of Ukraine at full-scale.

Earlier this week, the company had announced that it would halt all future acquisitions and projects from Russia, joining a list of companies that have cut ties with the country.

Netflix had four Russian originals in the works ongoing, including a series of crime thrillers by Dasha Zhuk, which was shooting and has since been put on hold.

Recently, Netflix has also denied transferring 20 Russian free-to-air propaganda channels, which was required to hosted under the Russian law.

As per the credible sources, the firm is now taking an extra step to shut down its services completely.

A spokesperson from Netflix has said that, given the ongoing circumstances, Netflix has decided to suspend its services in Russia.

The economic backfire that Russia has faced in the aftermath of its decision to go to war with Ukraine has been massive. Not only is the country struggling with widespread denials and rage, many companies and organizations worldwide have drawn out of Russia.

Moreover, giants like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft have also announced that they have paused their sales in the country, and Ikea has shut stores while Nike has said it will be not taking any online orders.

Talking about the entertainment industry, major studios have announced that their films will not be released in Russia.

Netflix was somehow a newcomer to Russia. It launched its services in 2016 and has a relatively small footprint, with just 1 million subscribers.

The streamer claims to have 222 million subscribers globally. However, Russia operates the service as a joint venture with the country’s National Media Group.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has instigated refugee and humanitarian crisis, along with the rising fears that it could trigger a nuclear conflict.

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