New ParkMobile web app brings contactless parking payment feature

ParkMobile, a leading mobility and smart parking solutions provider in North America, has reportedly announced the launch of a novel app that would now enable users to pay for their parking through their smartphone’s web browser. The new app is the latest way ParkMobile is accommodating users who prefer to pay for their parking in a contactless manner but do not wish to download a mobile app.

The new web app rollout follows a December company announcement where it stated that ParkMobile payments could also be paid through the novel Google Pay app.

Any user can now access the new web app by entering into their browser and clicking the ’Enter Zone Number’ option. The app could also be accessed by scanning a QR code that is posted on ParkMobile signs or by texting the word ‘PARK’ to 77223.

When users enter the mobile web app, they are expected to input the zone number that is posted on ParkMobile signs placed near the space. They can then choose the duration of the parking, and then click on the ‘start parking’ button. Once done, the user would get an email as well as a text alert that informs them when their parking session is expiring. Additionally, users can also extend the parking duration through the web app.

Existing ParkMobile app users for Android or iOS can also use their current account credentials to access the web app. Moreover, the company would also be rolling out a ‘guest’ checkout option soon, which  would enable users to make parking payments without needing to create an account.

ParkMobile CEO, Jon Ziglar, stated that the company is always listening to its users, and it has found that a number of users prefer a more lightweight web app than a complete iOS of Android app. Ziglar further added that the new web app effectively makes the payment process easy and quick and would greatly help boost adoption of contactless payment solutions across the country.

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