Nissan to install latest collision avoidance tech in its vehicles by 2030

Nissan Motor Co. reportedly claims to equip new car models with driver assistance technology that radically enhances collision avoidance by using real-time information about the surroundings of a vehicle, by fiscal year 2030.

As per sources, the Japanese automobile manufacturer plans to complete the production of new technology. It uses sensors to detect the distance and shape of objects with complete accuracy and performs operations automatically to avoid collision even in grave emergency situations.

Reportedly showcased in a video of various demonstrations during an online briefing, a test vehicle automatically escaped crashing into a car that was on the verge of collision and instead suddenly stopped in front of a figure crossing the road. 

Takao Asami, Senior Vice President at Nissan stated that the present driving-assistance technology can curb nearly 30 per cent of the accident scenarios. He claimed that the automated emergency technology will enable the firm to cover almost 90 percent of the on-road accidents.

According to credible reports, with the help of the technology, a vehicle can point out an obstacle as far as 300 meters post integrating information gathered by high-performance Lidar sensors as well as radars and cameras and carry out emergency maneuvers like changing lanes.

Not to mention, there has been an increased competition amongst automakers manufacturing vehicles with self-driving and assistance technology to avoid collision.

Apparently, Honda Motor Co., Nissan’s regional rival, is incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create awareness amongst drivers of the forthcoming traffic hazards and helping them avoid accidents caused due to human mistakes.

The company aims to equip its vehicles with the technology in the later months of 2020s.

About Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automaker based in Nishi-ku, Yokohama in Japan. Since its establishment, the company has been passionate about developing innovative products and technologies.

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