Nokia, Innventure partner to commercialize Nokia’s top-class cooling tech

Nokia and Innventure have collaborated with the aim of commercializing high-performance cooling technology developed by Nokia Bell Labs catering to data centers and mobile network equipment.

As a part of the deal, Innventure’s newly established company- Accelsius- has secured the rights to Nokia’s cooling technology and will boost further development and commercialization of the tech.

The ground-breaking cooling technology offers higher scalability in facilitating cooling directly to the different heat sources such as the chip.

Owing to the passive two-stage coolant circulation process, the tech ensures that both heat transfer and heat dissipation from different heat sources with high density, showcases greater energy efficiency without the need for pumps.

Besides being a reliable, easy to install, and compact cooling solution, the technology is adaptable across a spectrum of critical electronic structures and can be installed at any scale right from a single server to large data centers.

Speaking on the collaboration, Jukka Nithila, Nokia’s Vice President of Patent Transactions & External Alliances stated that the Innventure partnership makes perfect sense for the company since energy-efficient networks and reliable cooling remain the core of innovation at Nokia.

Nithila believes that Nokia’s versatile cooling technology will help a wide variety of industries lower their energy consumption.

Innventure CEO and Founder, Bill Haskell mentioned that the innovative technology caters to an acute market need and is well-positioned to revolutionize the cooling industry with scalable solutions that can be widely installed across data centers and telecom.

On the other hand, Theodore Sizer, Lab Leader, Optical Systems & Device Research at Nokia Bell Labs commented that the cooling technology will not only support computing systems with high heat densities to reduce energy consumption but will also allow data centers to enhance the computing capacity.

The collaboration between Nokia and Innventure has been closely eyed by the industry since 2019 after the companies first announced plans to work together on commercializing Nokia’s technology along with its intellectual property in diverse spaces beyond Nokia’s core business.

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