Non-urgent surgeries to be delayed in UK amid major blood stock crisis

The health officials of the United Kingdom have reportedly warned of a critically low supply of blood, which could result in the postponement of non-urgent procedures in a number of hospitals in the country.

Following the situation, the National Health Services (NHS) in the UK have also issued an amber alert to make sure that blood reaches people who need it the most. For the unversed, the amber alert will endure for the first four weeks to give supplies time to restock, especially of the most prevalent O-type blood, as per sources.

In the midst of this serious situation, hospitals are being urged to put procedures in place to safeguard blood supplies.

This most recent health crisis occurred while Britain's economy was unexpectedly on the verge of recession after contracting by 0.3% in August. The blood scarcity appears to be adding to the list of challenges facing UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, who came into office last month.

However, there will not be any impact on urgent surgeries since hospitals are fully equipped to do emergency or trauma surgeries, according to the officials. Cancer surgeries and organ transplants won't be impacted either. According to local media sites, patients who require blood transfusions for long-term diseases will also receive precedence.

According to a statement made by the NHS interim CEO, to combat this shortfall, the nation's health experts are now pleading urgently for additional blood donors through announcements like asking people to make blood donation appointments or retain their appointments if they have already made one, particularly those having O+ and O- bloody types.

It is worth emphasizing that because blood may only be kept in storage for 35 days, there is a continuing demand for donations of particular blood types.

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