Novavax seeks EU regulators to clear COVID-19 vaccine for teens

Novavax, the leading pharmaceutical developer, has requested the European Medicines Agency to provide the authorization of its coronavirus vaccine to children between 12-17 years of age amid an outspread of disease within the continent.

As per sources, Novavax stated that its appeal is based on the data from research amongst nearly 2200 adolescents between the age of 12-17 across the United States. It was revealed that the Novavax vaccine was nearly 80% effective against coronavirus.

Apparently, the research was conducted at the time when the delta variant was the predominant virus in the United States. The major side effects reported were headache, pain at the injected point, and tiredness.

According to credible sources, the European Union drug supervisor gave a green signal to Novavax’s two doses of coronavirus vaccine for adults in December and the dose has also been cleared in Australia, Indonesia, World Health Organization, and others.

Reportedly, the EMA permitted to vaccinate children aged 6 years and above by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.

The vaccinations by Novavax depends on an older technology which has been used for years to make shots for diseases like pertussis and influenza.

For the record, the Maryland centric drugmaker makes use of genetic engineering to grow harmless duplicates of the COVID spike protein in insect cells. The protein is then extracted and purified by scientists and then integrated with an immune-boosting chemical.

As per reports, Novavax has been repeatedly facing production issues and majorly depends on other factories for production of its vaccines.

Moreover, it has also pushed the delivery of its shots to various nations in Europe and despite promises to make 250 million vaccines available to COVAX, it failed to share even a single vaccine to provide to the poor countries.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control alerted that more than half of the adolescent population in the European Union remains unvaccinated against the coronavirus.

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