Novo Nordisk to unveil GLP-1 injectible diabetes drug in oral form

The rising trend of oral medication today has potentially prompted various healthcare majors and drugmakers to turn to producing oral drugs as a substitute to injections. In one such instance, Denmark-based global healthcare major in the field of diabetes, Novo Nordisk, has recently unveiled its plans of launching oral GLP-1 drug in the diabetes capital of the world, India.

For the record, GLP-1 stands for Glucagon-Like Peptide receptor protein, a non-insulin treatment approach for the diabetes.

The novel innovation is said to come to India by February 2022. So far, earlier available as different drug molecules with proven benefits beyond diabetes control, these drugs have all been only used as injections. However, the oral medication is being observed as breakthrough technology which is likely to change the approach and acceptance of drug for patients in the country.

Speaking on the latest accomplishment, Vikrant Shrotriya, Corporate VP and MD at Novo Nordisk India, exclaims that the country has over 77 million diabetes patients in the country, and launch of this drug in tablet form would be much more acceptable and could also improve compliance. The drug is dosed with a strong glycemic control and additional benefits in terms of supporting weight loss.

Vikrant added that while most of the leading healthcare experts talk of its merits, they do feel that the pricing of the drug would be essentially crucial if greater use and compliance is to happen among patients. Even the injections that are available today are expensive and might value anywhere from few thousands or even INR 5,000 a month in most cases.

However, Shrotriya did not specify at what price the oral drug is likely to be made available in the country though he did suggest that Novo Nordisk was conscious of the importance of pricing.

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