Nvidia unveils Base Command Platform to support AI development

American multinational technology company- Nvidia has introduced Base Command Platform – an AI development hub that offers entities access to Nvidia DGX SuperPOD solution on a rental basis. Remotely being supported by Equinix, the Base Command Platform is one of the first solutions available through the company’s AI LaunchPad partner initiative.  

Reports indicate that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many leading firms have and continue to invest in data analytics. A study by KPMG agrees that C-suite executives have reported that data and analytics solutions are one of the most commonly adopted new technology and nearly 21% of the respondents during a survey have reported that their firm was piloting machine learning and AI systems.  

Through the Base Command Platform, Nvidia aims at attracting a part of the rapidly rising IT spend, primarily from entities seeking to offload their computer data to the cloud system.

Manuvir Das, Nvidia’s Head of Enterprise Computing, was quoted stating that “with increasing AI adoption across enterprises, the demand for increased access to leading infrastructure systems by Nvidia and its partners is simultaneously rising.”

The Base Command Platform simplifies it for companies to gain access to the power of Nvidia DGX SuperPOD in a bid to drive AI and data science development cycle.  

In addition to above, the technology includes a cloud-driven interface, integrated monitoring, a command line API, along with reporting dashboards that have been developed to supplement AI development lifecycle.

Moreover, it includes data science mechanisms and AI including its NGCTM line of software, and is also supported by its wide network of partners belonging to the field of machine learning, storage, and digital infrastructure.

For the record, the cost of monthly subscription to Base Command Platform starts at USD 90,000, with a three-month minimum period.   

Source Credits: https://venturebeat.com/2021/08/02/nvidia-launches-base-command-platform-to-accelerate-ai-workloads/