ONQ enters agreement with Aideo Technology to use Gemini AutoCode

ONQ, one of the fastest-evolving businesses in the healthcare billing industry, has recently announced signing a strategic agreement with Aideo Technology for using its auto-coding tool, Gemini AutoCode. This upgradation can be used to automate Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for healthcare providers across the United States.

For the record, Gemini AutoCode offers a People Assisted Coding solution which uses AI and machine learning to constantly enhance with each interaction and assign the accurate and correct codes without any human intervention.

Created to deliver production coding using technology, Gemini AutoCode easily integrates with electronic medical records and can precisely interpret and code over more than 40,000 clinical encounters every hour.

According to Aideo officials, Gemini AutoCode makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to decode the structured and unstructured clinical data. So unlike other CAC solutions, this software application assigns appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes based on free-form notes with enhanced accuracy that matches or even exceeds human coders.

Commenting on the latest accomplishment, CEO of ONQ, Jack McBride stated that the organization is committed to helping the healthcare industry through digital innovations. And in this case, Aideo Technologies is currently supporting the ONQ team in providing most powerful solutions to the providers.

Jack further cited that Aideo’s excellent team boasts of the proficiency in AI and a deep understanding of RCM, which has enabled ONQ to make the most of this alliance in the field.

On the other hand, President and CEO at Aideo Technologies, Rob Gontarek mentioned that Gemini AutoCode delivers assessable effect with unified and seamless incorporation into any practice, thereby emerging as a powerful tool for ONQ’s clients.

Rob added that the firm’s technology aligns well with ONQ’s technology, and the results promise to be groundbreaking for the healthcare billion industry.

Source Credit: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/05/03/2221239/0/en/ONQ-Enters-Agreement-to-Use-Aid%C3%A9o-Technologies-AI-Powered-Medical-Coding-Tool.html