Oppo publicizes plans of developing its own smartphone chips

Oppo, world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer based on shipments, claimed to join mega giant’s like Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung in developing their own processor

China’s prime smartphone maker, Oppo has reportedly announced joining the race in manufacturing premium mobile chips for its handsets. The smartphone manufacturer has apparently aimed to join the league with other mega brands in developing core components. The motive behind this is to eliminate dependence on foreign suppliers like Media Tek and Qualcomm.

As per credible sources, based on the development speed, Oppo has claimed to use the in-house system-on-a-chip (SoC) in its mobile phones from 2023-24.

Reports state that the in-house developed processors can help in boosting the supply chain, and considerably reducing the disruptions and shortages faced by various manufacturers.

According to reliable reports, Oppo claimed to build a high-end chip using 3-nanometer production technology by world’s biggest chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Speculations have it that the company has reportedly hired top notch techs and AI experts from Huawei, MediaTek and Qualcomm and has continued its search in U.S, Japan and Taiwan.

Oppo has also announced working on its personal AI algorithms and its exclusive image signal processor for handset camera. Regional competitors Xiaomi and Vivo have launched their personal image signal processing units after more smartphone purchasers incline towards latest photo and video features.

Manufacturing brand-owned mobile chips has become a hallmark of success. Apple reportedly puts A-series processor in iPhone since a decade accompanied by Huawei Technologies who use Kirin processor in their phones prior to U.S restrictions on their company.

Brady Wang, a leading industry analyst, stated that having personal mobile processors bring along some helpful benefits. Two of the very main being good supply chain control and differentiation. It brings exclusivity and uniqueness in the performance of the products and helps curb the issue of shortage.

Source:- https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Tech/Semiconductors/China-s-Oppo-joins-race-to-develop-own-smartphone-chips