POP BIO declares Phase 3 clinical trial of EuCorVac-19 vaccine candidate

POP Biotechnologies (POP BIO), a leading biopharmaceutical company, has given a green signal to the proposal for a Phase 3 clinical trial of a potential coronavirus vaccine candidate, EuCorVac-19, made by South Korean ally EuBiologics, from the Drugs and Food Safety Ministry.

EuCorVac-19 comprises of EuIMT- latter’s protein antigen, recognized from the Spontaneous-Nanoliposome Antigen Particle (SNAP) and Korean Institute of Science and Technology of POP Biotechnologies.

Jonathan Smyth, President and Co-founder, POP BIO, commented that the PHASE 3 trial is a huge step for the firm’s technology.

Smyth added that the achievement of this milestone grants validation for not only resolving the novel global crisis but also provides invaluable support towards the platform’s growth. Additionally, it allows the manufacturing of new vaccines with tremendous potential to reduce suffering from the world.

As per credible sources, POP BIO’s SNAP technology facilitates rapid manufacturing and development of highly immunogenic particle-based immunotherapies and vaccines directed against cancer and infectious diseases via a cobalt modified variant of the PoP technology, CoPoP.

As a result, the SNAP technology allows stable particle-formation and liposome-display of peptide and protein antigens causing improvement in the immune system.

Dr. Jonathan Lovell, POP BIO Co-founder and technology inventor, claimed SNAP to be a vaccine platform technology, applicable to any vaccine-related indication for infectious and chronic diseases.

He mentioned that the human testing for COVID-19 vaccine will de-risk the technology for many other indications.

For the uninitiated, Eubiologics will commence its Phase 3 comparison trials for 4,000 healthy participants in Bangladesh, Philippines and other nations on the basis of standard comparison clinical trial parameter.

Furthermore, Eubiologics will work with international research companies for expedited recruitment in countries with less vaccine rates along with the analysis of trial results to speed up the regulatory approval and marketing of EuCorVac-19.

Source Credits:- https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/02/07/2379604/0/en/POP-Biotechnologies-Vaccine-Technology-to-Enter-Phase-III-Clinical-Studies-as-Part-of-Eubiologics-COVID-19-Vaccine-Candidate-EuCorVac-19.html