Proteintech invests in epigenetics firm Active Motif to support R&D

Proteintech Group, a biotechnology company that manufactures nanobodies, antibodies, & recombinant proteins, has recently invested in Active Motif, a firm focused on developing innovative tools to enable epigenetics & gene regulation research.

Proteintech has been collaborating with Active Motif since 2020 to sell their goods under the Active Motif brand, which Proteintech distributes throughout China. The two companies have expressed an interest in expanding their partnership throughout the Asia Pacific region.

However, the parties did not provide any financial information about the recent deal.

According to Active Motif, the new funding will help enhance its Research and Development (R&D) activities and expand its commercial footprint.

Ted DeFrank, President and CEO of Active Motif, commented on the collaboration that the firm has been looking for a partner to broaden and enhance the current product and service offering. Proteintech, as a strategic partner, offers not only capital but also access to high-value antibodies and extra distribution channels.

Jeff Lee, Proteintech's Chief Operating Officer, said that Active Motif owns leadership in epigenetics and their firm is extremely thrilled to have collaborated with one of the best firms in the industry.

Dr. Jason Li, CEO, Proteintech, stated that working more closely with Active Motif will help to better serve the customers through collaborations and the development of new products. This investment complements Proteintech's strategy of providing best-in-class antibody, nanobody, and recombinant protein products for the benefit of research and discovery.

About Active Motif –

Active Motif, Inc. is the industry leader in epigenetic products and services for mechanistic, translational, and clinical researchers. The company is dedicated on creating and discovering a better technique to unlock the scientific understanding of changes and modifications within the nucleus.

Active Motif has offices in Shanghai, China, Japan, Tokyo, Belgium, Waterloo, and a corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

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