Roche launches cobas infinity edge to enhance healthcare outcomes

Roche has recently announced the launch of cobas infinity edge, an encrypted and secure cloud-based platform, to manage and integrate the point of care data available for use in clinical settings across the globe.

As per credible reports, the cobas infinity edge platform provides support to the healthcare organizations by introducing numerous capabilities together in a single digital ecosystem. By using applications, the system facilitates the facility’s ability to manage and view results compliantly while permitting the incorporation of the data into the electronic medical records (EMRs) of the patient.

Reportedly, the digital system allows the healthcare professionals to access a market of medically appropriate applications to boost the adaption of digital equipment’s which enhance the patient care.

As per sources, the healthcare sector is widely adapting the advanced technologies in today’s time. It has been reported that only 15% of the healthcare organizations are wholly equipped to take instant data-driven decisions owing to the lack of data integration, incompatible IT software’s and various other information silos.

For the uninitiated, the healthcare sector is under pressure to speed up its management of patient data and diagnostic information, to keep up with the longer life expectancies and increase in the number of people infected with chronic diseases. To meet these challenges, adaption of digital health ecosystem is crucial.

Thomas Schinecker, Chief Executive Officer, Roche Diagnostics stated that the firm is pioneering digital advancements to curb the clinical challenges and solve operational issues in healthcare.

He mentioned that Roche has combined its ability to connect health care safely and securely with an exceptional marketplace where specialists can utilize Roche or its third-party digital services.

It has been speculated that after its first commercial availability in selected markets, Roche Diagnostics has a vision to expand its digital platform across the markets globally by 2022 and 2023.

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