Saab receives EU nod for drone collision-avoidance project & technology

The European Commission has recently permitted Saab to head the bloc’s demand for a detect and avoid system and technology to enable the aerial drones to fly securely alongside the civilian air traffic. Reports have it that EU officials had awarded a USD 26 million grant last December, which Saab got approval to announce this February.

This project follows the European Detect and Avoid System effort, which is deemed to be one of the rafts of initiatives specified under the European Defense Industrial Development Program.

As per credible reports, the collision-avoidance project for drones underlines the problem of replicating the human ability to make the right and perfect decisions during critical mid-air situations. In this case, having such a technology certified by the relevant European authorities stands to be a bit of an open race.

In addition to this, the drone collision and avoidance system would make use of a fully automatic collision-avoidance functions, and few parts of it would be incorporated into the air traffic management system.

Ann-Kristin Adolfsson, who currently leads the BD and strategy domain at Saab’s Aeronautics business area, recognizes the European Detect and Avoid System a ‘strategic program’ for the bloc. Speaking on this, she mentioned that the technology is anticipated to bring in the key piece of safety assurance to enable more efficiency and autonomy into aviation, allowing remotely operated and unmanned aircraft to take off in a much broader sense.

Ann also added that while the project lays focus on military unmanned aircraft, the technology is completely applicable to civil systems as well.

Besides, the technology has been considered to be fully compliant with civil requirement, also supporting safe operations of civil drones, for example for services in agriculture and forestry, deliveries, environmental protection, Urban Air Mobility, and border surveillance.

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