SAI.TECH launches new cloud management tool for tracking bitcoin assets

SAI.TECH Global Corporation, a clean energy-driven Bitcoin mining operator, has recently unveiled SAIHUB App, its all-in-one cloud management software in the App Store, which offers the users an integrated solution for tracking the bitcoin assets, bitcoin mining information, and energy consumption.

The SAIHUB App provides three main features, namely energy management, bitcoin asset management, and mining management.

The app showcases several real-time information for energy management and empowers the users to manage the consumption of power and heating status easily. It also offers users features that will help them gain access to mining pools and blockchain browsers, eliminating the requirement to download any additional browsers or apps.

Furthermore, the SAIHUB app also delivers a one-stop bitcoin asset management platform for users of SAIHUB to manage the bitcoin assets on their mobile phones.

The app has a decentralized wallet that can be used for bitcoin asset management, which is supportive of keystone and PSBT protocols and is open-sourced. It supports mainstream cold wallet products, which helps users store their bitcoin in a safe deposit box.

Prior to the SAIHUB APP, users were using other service tools to check and manage the status of their bitcoin. Gaining real-time computing capabilities of mining machines via a web browser was challenging as to the lack of an integrated solution.

Arthur Lee, CEO and Founder of SAI.TECH, said that miners were earlier required to get the information via different channels and apps, but the new SAIHUB app can prevent users from downloading other apps or browsers.

By providing users with updates in real-time on asset information, energy consumption status and asset information, they can monitor their bitcoin income and manage their mining activities parallelly.

Furthermore, the app enables users to check the online status of their SAIHUB mining datacenter status, along with energy and heating operation parameters, which possibly improves the sustainability of their funding in bitcoin mining.

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