Samsung to launch wireless charging to vie against Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge

The advent of wireless charging technology along with the additional accessories for smartphones has spurred drastic developments in this sector. While Apple is still testing reverse wireless charging technology for iPhones, Xiaomi has reportedly revealed Mi Air Charge technology, a one-of-its-kind via air wireless charging technology, last year in January 2021.

Following this, Samsung is all set to launch its own wireless charging technology which will potentially allow charging of mobile gadgets and accessories through the air.

As per credible sources, the South Korean Patent Office has issued a patent, PCT/KR2021/009778, exclusively filed by Samsung that explains a wireless power transmission device which would enable wireless charging of smartphones and other compatible devices, without directly coming into contact.

The Korean conglomerate mentioned that air charging is made possible by developing a wireless power transmission device with a resonator that can be mounted on the top of the wireless charging device or anywhere near it. The resonator can then extend a transmission radius of wireless power to surrounding devices which support wireless charging.

For the uninitiated, Samsung has also emphasized on the fact that a wireless power transmitter if made, can cover a radius of 360 degree around it and provide power to mobile devices within range.

Furthermore, the company also claimed that it can possibly use multiple resonators around the wireless power transmitter to stretch the radius of through-air wireless charging technology.

Reports suggest that even though Samsung has filed for a patent right for its wireless-charging tech, its still under development and the release of the technology in the commercial market might take time.

Moreover, it has been speculated that Apple has already filed for the patency right of wireless technology back in 2013, before Xiaomi and Samsung, but hasn’t used it in any of its devices until now.

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