Scalarr raises $7.5Mn to curb ad fraud using machine learning

Funding generated in Series A round to be used to develop new solutions to focus on the markets beyond mobile ad fraud and penetrated across new geographies.

One of the leading ad fraud prevention companies- Scalarr has reportedly declared generating funding of USD 7.5 million in Series A funding round led by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

It has been speculated that the newly generated funds would enable Scalarr to expand its presence and operations across the Asian economies, alongside targeting new and much bigger programmatic advertising markets.

Moreover, it would allow the company to invent new ways to deal with advertising frauds. Besides, with the latest launch of its DeepView anti-fraud solution, Scalarr evaluates billion of data points to support Ad Exchanges, SSPs, and DSPs to detect even the minutest of anomalies in connected TV, web, and mobile traffic.

It would be essential to note that Scalarr’s technology had saved its customers over USD 22 million in direct ad deception refunds in 2020. In this regard, Scalarr acts as an advanced layer of security and detects up to 40% more complex variants of fraud than other solutions in the industry.

By analyzing and blocking fraudulent advertisement placements, ad makers get to lower their effective cost per install level by 25% and generate about 20% more installs under a given ad budget.

Commenting on the novel move, Inna Ushakova, Co-Founder and CEO of Scalarr, stated that the company is committed to saving its clients from all kinds of fraud and crippling losses that have dented the entire industry. And in this attempt, Scalarr is constantly digging as deep as possible via making use of multiple data sources and analytics.

For the record, Scalarr is a classic machine learning anti-fraud platform that analyzes impressions, install and post-install data, and click to identify ad frauds while looking to prevent marketing losses.

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