Shoreline-BeiGene unite to develop & commercialize NK cell therapies

Shoreline Biosciences, Inc., a biomedical company, has recently announced an exclusive strategic collaboration with BeiGene, Ltd., a biotechnology company.

This partnership deal has been entered with an aim to develop and commercialize NK-based cell therapeutics by leveraging the iPSC NK cell technology of Shoreline and the research & clinical development capabilities of BeiGene to treat various malignancies. Shoreline has designed its NK cell & macrophage-based cell therapies to effectively target and destroy tumor cells as well as repair tissue homeostasis.

As per the terms of the agreement, Shoreline will obtain an upfront cash payment worth $45 million from BeiGene and be eligible for additional R&D funding, royalties, and milestone payments upon the achievement of certain regulatory, development, and commercial milestones. The two companies, in this multi-target collaboration, have also agreed to jointly work to develop cell therapies for 4 designated therapeutic targets and have an option to expand the collaboration in the future.

BeiGene will lead the clinical development of cell therapeutics and has commercial rights globally. On the other hand, Shoreline will be responsible for clinical manufacturing and has an option to retain the U.S. & Canadian commercialization rights for 2 targets. In addition, the biotechnology company has an option to obtain an equity stake in the biomedical company in the next equity financing round and is subject to specified conditions.

According to BeiGene’s Chairman, Co-founder, & Chief Executive Officer, John V. Oyler, the company is thrilled to partner with Shoreline to expand its pipeline of transformative medicines including small molecule & antibody therapeutics and off-the-shelf cell therapies. It also appreciates Shoreline for taking a key role in the development of allogeneic cell therapies derived from iPSC and has shown excitement to combine its protein engineering technologies with the standardized NK-based cell therapy technology of the biomedical firm. The two companies are currently set to bring cell therapies to a broader patient base through the recent collaboration.

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