SmarterBiz launches India’s first remote workforce marketplace

SmarterBiz Technologies has made it to the headlines recently for its launch of VOIZ- its additional offering in the consumer experience space. Built on the eminent capabilities of the SmarterBiz collection of products, VOIZ is expected to bring together companies, remote workers, and contact centers for CX delivery related to technical and customer support, email and chat support, and telemarketing and telesales.

An important point to mention here is that VOIZ stands to be India’s very first workforce marketplace for telesales and customer support developed by SmarterBiz.

SmarterBiz Technologies is currently enjoying its position as a leading provider of solutions and technology for the future of remote working in the customer experience space. The organization offers larger and medium enterprises with its SaaS-based range of products defining technology segment known as Next Generation CX as a Service for multichannel customer interaction management.

As per credible reports, VOIZ has evolved to handle some of the biggest challenges in the remote workforce models including team collaboration, governance, and performance monitoring by making use of the technology and tools blended into one powerful, seamless workforce platform.

Moreover, the new platform would enable companies to manage their customer experience process in-house and in the later, enterprises can have one of the VOIZ pre-approved contact centers manage their processes.

Besides, VOIZ would also enable firms to cut down the contact center operations costs by up to 40%, manage seasonal demand, increase scalability by nearly ten times, and manage business continuity plans seamlessly.

Speaking on the novel launch, Chief of Business at SmarterBiz- Vineet Patil cited that customer experience distribution at VOIZ is completely commoditized via technology. A remote professional on VOIZ is capable of resolving a customer issue working remotely from any part of the world.

He added that the companies and contact centers would now be able to hire a highly scalable and quality workplace that costs less, delivers an outstanding UX, and is easy to manage.

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