Sony intensifies PS5 gaming experience with new major updates

Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5, has recently received its first major update which includes new features such as storage expansion & management as well as new social features. According to reports, the latest update will allow PS5 users to transfer games from the console’s internal storage quickly to an external USB storage.

This update will thereby enable users to expand their console’s storage capacity and consequently enable reinstalling games more quickly as the transfer method is faster and easier in contrast to re-downloading an entire game.

Other updated features include cross-generation Share Play that will enable users to use Share Play. The option also includes the ability to virtually pass the controller to a friend, share your screen with a friend, or virtually hand over a second controller to play co-op games.

Notably, the ‘Request to Join’ option will work as a shortcut to sending a game invite, eventually shedding time needed to get into games with friends.

Improvements are also made in PS5 Game Base menu to offer quick access to important elements and an option to turn off or on notifications for each party. Users can now disable chats quickly and control volume of other players connected within the chat.

Reportedly, title updates for games owned by users will also be pre-download to the console conditioned to automatic updates being enabled. Activation of this feature will allow users to immediately start playing newer version of their games. It will also be easier to find content, personalize game library view, and adjust screen magnification.

Credible sources suggest that a new PlayStation app update is currently under progress that will offer players the ability to join multiplayer session on PS5 using the app. It will also offer the ability to manage storage of PS5 console, sort and filter products in the PlayStation Store and match trophy collections with friends.

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