Spire Global to provide radio occultation satellite data to EUMETSAT

Spire Global, Inc., a prominent provider of space-led data, analytics, and space solutions, has reportedly signed a deal with the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites or EUMETSAT, a global operational satellite institution, to provide radio occultation satellite information.  

Notably, the data from Spire which is obtained from a constellation of over 110 low-earth orbit nanosatellites will be distributed to the EUMETSAT user groups across the globe with an aim to help in their forecasting abilities. This radio occultation information is captured 24/7 even during extreme weather conditions as compared to the conventional visible satellite imagery.

It is worth mentioning that EUMETSAT will use this data to offer enhanced accuracy and depth to its forecasts even on the open ocean and remote regions.

Theresa Condor, Executive VP and General Manager of Space Services and Earth Intelligence, Spire Global, was quoted stating that “EUMETSAT carries out integral work to offer data regarding dangerous weather conditions, safeguarding the lives of citizens and protecting lives and property.”

Seemingly, the satellites of EUMETSAT form an integral part of the international weather forecasting and also makes notable contributions to the environmental monitoring industry, worldwide.

The three-year pilot project signed with Spire is an effort to offer commercial weather satellite data, allowing institutions to access data which is otherwise unavailable to further improve their forecasting capabilities in this era of growing weather fluctuations.   

Established in the year 2012, Spire Global, Inc. provides access to unique datasets and insights regarding Earth from the vantage point so that organizations can take decisions with precision and speed.

The company utilizes the world’s largest multi-utility satellite constellations to gain hard to acquire data and enhance it with predictive systems.  

With offices in Washington DC, San Francisco, Glasgow, Boulder, Singapore, and Luxembourg, Spire offers data as a subscription to institutions worldwide so that they can enhance their business and lower their environmental footprint, using resources for growth and advantage.       

Source Credits: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210805005395/en/Spire-Global-Chosen-to-Provide-Radio-Occultation-Satellite-Data-to-The-European-Organization-for-the-Exploitation-of-Meteorological-Satellites