Standard Power & Energy Harbor ink MoU to develop data infrastructure

Standard Power and Energy Harbor Corp. have reportedly inked an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to develop an upscaled carbon-free data infrastructure operation. As per the agreement, the collaboration will complete the necessary feasibility analysis to regulate co-location, optimal engineering, and execution of a new data center.

In the first phase, Standard Power will execute a ten-year agreement to buy 200 MW to 300 MW of complete carbon-neutral electricity and capacity through a direct link to the Shippingport nuclear facility at a fixed price that contemplates the value of the baseload, carbon-free characteristics of nuclear power.

The first phase of development is anticipated to initiate in 2023 and 2024, with the possibility of scaling the development of 900 MWs in the upcoming phases.

According to David Hamilton, the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer of Energy Harbor, this effort is a crucial step in transforming the regions across its nuclear facilities into CECs (Clean Energy Centers). This will become the necessary carbon-neutral infrastructural foundation of the U.S. economy.

John Judge, President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Harbor expressed his belief that this agreement showcases that the development of clean energy infrastructure near its nuclear plants will create more jobs and foster economic growth for the local communities.

Standard Power's Chief Executive Officer Maxim Serezhin cited that the company identifies its responsibility to develop an environmentally sustainable future.

Serezhin added that establishing a relationship with Energy Harbor allows the company to proactively organize its hosting abilities to assure that all the facility-associated power is carbon-free.

For the record, Energy Harbor is dedicated to the principles of ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance) that are crucial to meeting the emissions goals of the nation and expediting America’s transition to clean energy.

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