Supermarket giant Aldi to create 2,000 jobs in its British growth push

German supermarket major Aldi is reportedly planning to create around 2,000 job opportunities in the U.K. over the next two years as a part of its €1.3 billion investment plan to expand its reach in the country.

According to the company, the fresh investment will further be used to expand its distribution centers, as well as for creating and developing new jobs and stores. This investment plan was announced after Aldi’s recent annual results showed a 10.2% rise in Ireland and U.K. sales, reaching €13.5 billion as compared to the €12.3 billion recorded a year before.

The new capital inflow will also include a new 1.3 million square feet facility in Leicestershire and a pilot program involving a new checkout-free store in Greenwich, London. This trial store will comprise AI technology, cameras, and sensors that will charge shoppers and scan items on the go.

Giles Hurley, Aldi U.K., and Ireland Chief Executive was quoted saying that the pandemic did not much affect the company’s operations in the country since it mostly relied on the local supply chain. He added that this supply chain is still likely not to face any disruptions till Christmas.

Hurley further claimed that the company’s mission is to expand its reach to more locations across Great Britain. Although the Bank of England had recently warned consumer price inflation could surpass 4% by the year-end, Hurley assured that Aldi will continue trying to undercut its competitors.

The German supermarket giant has reportedly repaid the amount it received as business state relief offered during the COVID-19 crisis. Aldi has also announced that it would repay more than €100 million to the European government and the devolved administrations.

It is worth noting here that Aldi is presently the fifth largest supermarket in the U.K. with around 38,000 staff across 920 grocery stores.

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