Tata Power to participate in SBTi project to reduce carbon footprint

  • The commitment by Tata Power has been accepted and published on its website under the companies taking action category.
  • The company also pledged to become carbon neutral before 2050.

Tata Power Company Limited has reportedly committed to decreasing carbon emissions by joining hands with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), a project which enables companies in the private sector to set scientific emission reduction targets.

According to reliable sources, the SBTi is a partnership between the Worldwide Fund for Nature, We Mean Business Coalition, Carbon Disclosure Project, World Resources Institute, and the United Nations Global Compact.

This commitment by Tata Power has been accepted and published on its website under the companies “taking action” category.

Notably, the latest climate science records warn that rising temperatures need to be controlled to avoid the harmful effects of climate change. In this context, the power sector will play an important role to fulfil the goals of the Paris Agreement and decarbonize economies across the world.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Tata Power, Praveer Sinha was quoted saying that swift and strong action is needed to combat the impact of global warming.

Tata Power has committed to working with SBTi and is looking to shift towards decarbonized energy models to aid the global climate action agenda, he added. 

The company is continuously adopting technology-based solutions and moving speedily to a green energy portfolio to be future-ready, cited sources with relevant information.

For the record, Tata Power is the first Indian power company that pledged to be carbon neutral before 2050 and has announced plans to contribute to a sustainable future by phasing out its coal-based capacity.

The company aims to empower its customer base by developing integrated solutions and investing in new green and smart technologies with a major focus on lifestyle and mobility.

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