Team Viewer & Google partner to revamp e-commerce and retail processes

The technological revolution is currently at pace across the retail and e-commerce industries worldwide. And in this regard, Team Viewer, which is a top provider of remote connectivity worldwide and workplace digitization solutions, has reportedly merged with Google to develop an ‘Assisted Order Picking’ fulfillment service for grocers and retailers.

Reportedly, the advanced hands-free application makes use of Team Viewer’s vision-picking software from its Frontline suite in accordance with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses to introduce an increased reality service to omnichannel contentment.

Apparently, the store workers get the information needed to complete orders within the AR display of Google Glass via a link to the retailer’s order fulfillment system which has updated inventory numbers in real time.

Furthermore, the hands-free order-picking service offers new insights and data to the retailers dealing with augmented demand from customers for buy-online-pickup-in-store and same day delivery options.

For the record, the new tool from Google and TeamViewer authorizes the store workers to provide high level services and permits retailers to rationalize the business model by revamping front and back-end of retail order fulfillment functions.

According to speculations, shopping practices have drastically changed in the past years which has urged retailers to hire new employees while reconsidering their fulfillment and picking processes for catering new consumer demands for fast delivery.

For the uninitiated, retailers are aiming at top-notch technology that can be used presently and help them prepare for long run success meanwhile they develop fresh approach to new age store and thrive for loyalty amongst digital shoppers by activating and adjusting to hybrid realities and omnichannel trends.

For the future, both the firms aim to extend their partnership and use the same AR technology to improve field service, manufacturing, supply chain process throughout other industries.

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