Telecom operator Vodafone Idea unveils new AdTech platform, Vi Ads

Vodafone Idea, an Indian telecom operator, has recently announced the unveiling of its ‘Ad-Tech’ platform - Vi Ads, to participate as a major player in the multibillion-dollar Indian advertising business.

According to credible sources, the AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) powered AdTech platform will offer marketers an ROI-focused programmatic media buying platform.

Based on the deep data science technology of Vi, the ad platform will empower marketers to participate with 243 million subscribers of the operator via several channels like Vi-owned digital media - Vi Movies & TV App, Vi App, and old-style channels like IVR calls, SMS.

Although Jio and Airtel have their own respective AdTech platforms in the market, the Vi Ads distinguishes itself by empowering marketers to involve with Vi users on external media channels and publisher partners of Vi Ads.

It will also provide a self-serve interface that empowers marketers with full control of their campaigns from a campaign set-up, chasing campaign performance to drive the campaign insights.

Vi Ads is built to accomplish full-funnel campaign goals, may it be spreading awareness or inciting purchase.

Avneesh Khosla, CMO, Vi, said that Vi Ads with the programmatic platform will be capable of addressing two key challenges faced by the marketers today, namely reliable insights and improved reach.

He said that this is an easy, simple, and highly effective solution for marketers to reach out to the right target group with the most related messaging at any given point in time while also offering a monetization opportunity to Vi as the firm is building and scaling its digital assets aggressively.

Notably, the Vi Ads platform has been built in collaboration with TorcAi, a global provider of audience infrastructure and programmatic solutions that uses cutting-edge data sciences & machine learning to link legacy marketing and advertising technology platforms with new breed tech.

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