Temasek unveils a food platform to promote sustainable foods in Asia

With the demand for sustainable foods gradually rising across the world, various industry solution providers are looking to offer potential solutions in the space. In a recent incidence, Temasek, an investment company, announced rolling out the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform to emphasize on commercializing the growth of sustainable foods in the Asian economies.

As per credible reports, the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform seeks to offer solutions and support as an enabler, operator, and investor, to food-tech firms as they encircle their journey from product development to commercial scale-up.

It has been reported that the platform would be managed by a central team of food-tech professionals, headed by newly appointed CEO, Mathys Borean.

Key insights into the benefits offered by the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform:

  • As an enabler, the platform is expected to deliver R&D advisory and pilot-scale production facilities to support food businesses accentuate their product commercialization.
  • It would offer various businesses with a host of strategic connections and allocating investment to thriving food-tech start-ups, as an investor.
  • Moreover, as an operator, the platform will provide production capabilities, in line with market insights into the commercialization opportunities to support scaling up across the Asian economies.

Speaking on the latest accomplishment, Deputy Head, Enterprise Development Group at Temasek, Yeoh Keat Chuan stated that the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform aims to offer support to regional and local businesses for them to excel in the Asian F&B markets and commercialize their offerings.

Besides, Chuan mentioned that Asia is likely to witness a hefty investment of about $1.55 trillion over the next decade in order to cater to the mounting consumer requirements for more sustainable and healthier food options.

Meanwhile, Mr Boeren quoted that with the company’s support to eradicate friction-to-adoption, organizations can ramp up their product development and pilot launch, along with accelerating the commercial scale-up and go-to market.

Imperatively, the end goal of the company is to provide consumers across Asia with fresh, traceable, tasty, and sustainable food, Boeren added.

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