Tesla launches monthly subscription for Full Self Driving feature

  • Tesla users can subscribe monthly for the Full self-Driving feature at USD 199.
  • Users will also be able to cancel subscriptions whenever they want without any additional charges.

Tesla Inc. has reportedly launched a monthly subscription plan priced at USD 199 for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature. According to reliable sources, the subscription will cost USD 99 for people who bought the Enhanced Autopilot package previously.

This move will allow Tesla users to test the FSD feature for a month without any long-term commitment. Moreover, users will be able to cancel their subscription whenever they want, without any additional charges, cited sources.

The subscription reportedly includes features such as Auto Lane Change, Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Park, Traffic Light/Stop Sign Control, and Summon.

For the record, the California-based electric vehicle company has been offering the FSD package for a one-time payment of USD 10,000 to date.

Furthermore, Tesla aims to deliver a level 5 self-driving technology soon. The company has also started announcing over-the-air software updates for the Beta version 9 of its FSD technology. This version was supposed to launch in 2018, and its release has been delayed for a while now.

Chief Executive Officer at Tesla, Elon Musk also revealed that the company intends to release a new user interface with the v9 Beta software update.

The new feature will allow drivers to use various driver-assist features via Autopilot mode on non-highway, local roads.

Although only Tesla vehicles equipped with basic or advanced autopilot configurations and the FSD computer hardware 3.0 are eligible to subscribe for this feature, other users can upgrade their vehicle’s hardware for USD 1500 to make it FSD-ready.

However, Tesla stated that active driver supervision is needed for the currently enabled features. They further warned Tesla users that this subscription does not make their vehicles autonomous.

In related news, Tesla’s Autopilot software will soon include advanced features which will enable vehicles to detect hazard lights, turn signals, hand gestures, and emergency vehicle flashing lights.

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