Toyota to introduce its own automotive software platform by 2025

In the era of digitization, software has found key functionality purpose in vehicles, such as managing electric motors and batteries, or other supporting roles played in autonomous driving, navigation and entertainment.

In line with the ongoing software trends, Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp has announced its plans to launch a self-made operating system, which will showcase capabilities of handling advanced operations like autonomous driving for its vehicles by 2025.

Toyota’s futuristic automotive software platform, dubbed as Arene will stand alongside software solutions integrated by German competitors such as Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG.

Speculations have it that Daimler AG is working towards introducing its self-developed ‘Mercedes-Benz Operating System’ in all cars manufactured by 2024, while Volkswagen AG is focusing on its cloud platform, known as ‘VW. OS’.

Arene is expected to be fully equipped to control basic components including brakes, accelerator and the steering wheel along with managing safety systems coupled with location and traffic information.

All vehicles integrated with the OS, irrespective of make or model will be able to access the multi-functional system, with provision for consumers to update their systems online, similar to that of smartphone software, facilitating faster improvements to performance.

With an exceptional development procedure and eliminating the need for new hardware, the advanced cloud integration will allow different teams under a corporate group to work parallelly and remotely, primarily designed to enable simulation as well as virtual testing.

According to the stock market index, Nikkei, the Japanese automotive manufacturer aims to integrate its vehicles with its own operating system by 2025, with future goals of providing it to affiliates like Subaru.

As a part of its 2025 plan, Toyota is assessing a licensing model with a view of ensuring availability of Arene to other car makers and companies invested in manufacturing of electric or self-driving cars, cited by a credible report.

However, Toyota is yet to disclose any further details of its future plans on the automotive software platform.

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