TraceSafe & Sixth Wave partner to develop virus detection technology

Tracesafe Inc., an international leader in location-aware Internet of Things, IoT, platforms for big-scale enterprise and industrial operations, has announced collaborating with a top-notch nanotechnology firm, Sixth Wave.

Sixth Wave offers detection and extraction of target materials like viruses at the molecular level with enormous advantages in cost, speed, and accuracy.

For the uninitiated, both the firms are working on the first-ever solution which continuously supervises pathogens and offers timely updates throughout the complete food supply chain.

Apparently, the technology makes use of patented Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for capturing, imprinting, and detecting substances at the molecular level, offering a proactive and effective prevention containment and proactive strategy for fatal pathogens and viruses in animals.

As per the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), diseases in animals like Coronavirus or Avian Flu can cause a loss of nearly 20% of the livestock production across the globe, with a value of USD $300 billion every year.

With the spread of African Swine Fever throughout the world, farmers might observe a high mortality rate, causing USD $50 billion losses in the United States itself.

According to sources, since the present animal health practices aim at time taking and reactive lab testing, the herd is exposed to dangerous infections for many days before the detection of pathogens or viruses.

The nanotechnology platform of Sixth Wave and the award-winning TraceSafe platform will allow the farmers, livestock producers, and ranchers to diagnose pathogenic threats quickly and proactively across the food supply chain, saving billions in health risks and costs.

Wayne Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, TraceSafe, stated that the team is excited to witness the groundbreaking work by Sixth Wave with its nanotechnology to spot viruses.

Wayne added that along with the pathogen sensors of Sixth Wave, TraceSafe will use its advanced analytics platform and innovative IoT in the agritech space, introducing the company to an entirely new vertical.

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