Truecaller & CyberPeace team up to launch Online Safety Program for users

In order to raise awareness regarding internet safety, Truecaller, a foremost global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted callers, has announced partnering with CyberPeace Foundation to inaugurate cyber safety program, TrueCyberSafe for digital safety.

At Truecaller, the platform highlights user safety as its top priority, especially the safety of women and people from vulnerable groups.

Reportedly, the platform serves as the first line of defense against online harassment by strengthening its customer base to make informed choices via the app’s identification feature along with the assistance from their community marking numbers like scam/spam/fraud.

Apparently, this feature assists the receiver to report or block a number, enabling a safer communication.

Truecaller, together with CyberPeace Foundation, aims to take measures to train people and help them in developing required skills to have a safe online experience. This will also support them in fostering the faculties of empathy and critical thinking.

Allegedly, the certificate developed with Autobot Infosec will guide people in handling multiple types of scams, frauds, harassments and impersonation.

While commenting on the partnership, Pragya Misra, Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller India, quoted that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital communication. But along with this convenience which helped people stay connected, they also had to face certain challenges like fraud and scams incurring personal losses.

Pragya added that ensuring safety of the customers has always been a top priority at Truecaller and along with the help of this program, the platform aims to spread awareness regarding Cyber Frauds and help the community stay safe while communicating.

She added that Truecaller is thrilled to partner with CyberPeace Foundation and provide trainings that will aim at both first-time internet users and the mature users pan India in English and local languages.

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