U.S. and Japan invest $4.5 billion to steer 6G development

The US and Japan have reportedly indicated their intent to work together on new communication technologies along with other ICT R&D to develop a new global powerhouse that stands as a direct competition to China.  

Notably, both US and Japan governments have agreed to invest nearly USD 4.5 billion to go beyond 5G in an effort to take the lead in the budding 6G industry.

Sources close to the news reveal that recently, US President Joe Biden and Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga inked an agreement to co-operate directly in the research, development, monitoring, and deployment of secure networks along with advanced information and communication systems. Additionally, the two nations are slated to work together in several areas that may help them gain tech leadership.

For the record, the U.S. is contributing USD 2.5 billion towards this effort while Japan is extending USD 2 billion.

As per an official statement, the effort will help enhance security and open 5G networks including the Open Radio Access Networks by steering innovation and promoting trustworthy vendors across diverse markets. The proposed effort suggests a step to promote the US and Japan as trusted security and technology partners for other nations in the face of threat from China.

Citing sources, the two countries are also likely to strengthen competitiveness in the digital field by duly investing in research, development, testing as well as the deployment of secured networks and ICT which includes 5G and next-gen mobile network solutions.

In a bid to build new global standards for next-gen comms, both U.S. and Japan are expected to launch a ‘Global Digital Connectivity Partnership’ that promotes secure connectivity along with developing cybersecurity to address the shared threats.

According to a statement by Joe Biden, both the countries have agreed to work on a wide range of fields spanning reliable and secure 5G networks along with improving the supply chains for crucial sectors such as semiconductors and carrying out joint research in domains like genomics, quantum computing, AI, and others.

Source Credits: https://www.telecomtv.com/content/6g/us-and-japan-team-on-open-ran-6g-r-d-41290/