Uber to launch a new audio recording safety feature in three US cities

Uber, an American mobility service provider, is maneuvering a new safety feature in the US which will allow audio recording during trips.

Uber, in a statement, mentioned that the audio recording feature will be initially launched across three cities in the US.

Previously, this feature has been launched in Latin America nearly two years back and is currently being used in 14 countries including Brazil and Mexico, which Uber plans on expanding to its native region.

According to Uber, the audio recording feature, once enabled by riders and drivers will display a shield icon on the map screen which after tapping will direct to “Record Audio”.

Both, the drivers and riders can opt to record individual triple. Meanwhile, drivers will have the option to enable the feature for a longer period while they are online.

Also, Uber will determine if a driver has tuned into the feature before the trip begins and inform the rider accordingly.

Uber cited that the new feature provides the rider as well as the driver with an encrypted audio file, stored on both of their devices.

The company also stated that by default the feature prohibits anyone from accessing the stored audio files, including Uber.

However, a trained Uber safety agent may have access to these files if they are attached with a safety report wherein the agent will work on decoding and examining the audio file coupled with other essential information.

In addition to the new feature, Uber is reportedly planning on the launch of audible seat belt alert feature which will involve transmission of an alert signal from the driver’s phone providing a notification to the rider reminding them to put on their seat belt.

Apparently, Uber will deploy this feature in the US market in early 2022.

Source Credits: https://www.news18.com/news/tech/uber-is-working-on-a-new-safety-feature-audio-recording-during-trip-4527908.html