UK government launches new campaign to improve children’s diet

The NHS Food Scanner App provides alternative to people of the UK to eliminate the consumption of fatty foods with healthier choices.  

The United Kingdom government has launched a New Better Health campaign with support of NHS Food Scanner App. The app will help the UK families by offering healthier alternative and assisting them to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating better.

Besides, according to reports, the department, under the Government’s Obesity Strategy, plans to regulate the promotion of non-healthy food items to kids and has announced funds of around £100m to help families and children maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As per credible sources, the recent statistics reveal that the ratio of parents providing unhealthy snacks to their children has increased during the pandemic. The new campaign by NHS Food Scanner App recorded increase in the obesity amongst children with nearly one in every four school kids being either overweight or obese.

For the uninitiated, the app will help families to improvise the diet of their children with new campaigns and reduce the dependency on fatty and sugary snacks. Around 90% of the UK parents have expressed the need for an app which will help them make healthier choices for their children.

The Food Scanner App has a Good Choice badge to push people to have healthier drinks and food accompanied by the government’s dietary recommendations for saturated fat, salt and added sugar.

Maggie Throup, Public Health Minister stated that families across the country have faced immense pressure due to the pandemic which has led to an extreme change in their routines and habits.

Maggie continued that by using the NHS Food Scanner App, the families can change their habits and swap foods with healthier substitutes and cut down on the consumption of sugar and fatty foods.

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