US invests $1 billion to promote climate-friendly agriculture nationwide

In a recent initiative by the US Government to curb climate change, Tom Vilsack, Secretary at USDA, mentioned that the United States Department of Agriculture is investing $1 billion in pilot projects, which aim at promoting activities like ranching, farming and forest practices.

The climate-friendly agricultural practices will intent at eliminating greenhouse gas emissions or seize and store climate-warming carbon.

It was reported that the US Department will reportedly officiate the collaboration for Climate-Smart Commodities program soon.  

As per credible sources, the initiative will tap funds from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation. This unit will grant the program nearly $30 billion per year from the U.S Treasury to assist in stabilizing costs of agricultural products and back farm income.

For the uninitiated, the latest investment is a recent initiative by the Biden administration, in order to combat climate changes.

In fact, the fundamental purpose of this investment is to bring down the greenhouse gas emissions by the farm segment to half by 2030 and drive the nation on the journey of net-zero emissions by 2050.

According to reports, in order to curb emissions, skilled projects should incorporate initiatives which halt or store methane emanations on the dairy farms. The initiative can also adapt programs that further propel the use of agricultural practices that absorb more climate-warming carbon from the air and restore it to the soil.

Tom Vilsack commented that the increase of these farm practices will lead to inflation in the U.S farm products as food exporters and companies will rapidly adapt the decarbonization of supply chains.

He added that there are immense opportunities in the climate-friendly agricultural practices and products as the people and exporters in the United States demand sustainable food items.

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